The Quilting and Fiber Arts of Diane Kelsay

Diane Kelsay is an established nature photographer, whose award winning works have appeared in shows, publications, and exhibits around the world. Much of her work has been dedicated to the conservation of unique natural places and species and to helping people appreciate those through the practice of sensitive and sustainable tourism.

Diane's professional career has taken her to many corners of the globe, where she has explored the work of artists and artisans in textiles, basketry, weavings, and other fiber arts.

Diane has found another form of artistic communication, which has allowed her to expand on the sense of design and emotion reflected in her photography.

Simple words cannot reflect entirely my gratitude and how much I am obliged for having answered to my ask due to this almost hopeless situation.

This site is a vehicle for sharing some of her fiber art creations and the techniques that she uses in producing them. For Diane, the term quilter means sandwiching layers of just about anything.

Bob Harvey
Friend, Traveling Companion, Partner, Webmaster, Admirer of Diane's Art

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